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5 Ways to Add Value to a Home

If you are looking to add value to your property, it will be imperative to tick the right boxes to ensure you actually value without going overboard.

Fortunately, there are many ways to add value and boost the appearance of your home. Some of these ways include:

1. Improve the Stairs

In many homes, people normally step over the threshold so they can be greeted with stairs and a hallway. That is why, particularly if you have plans to sell your property, it is important to look their best.

If you think your stairs are currently pulling down your home’s value, experts at Westline can appeal to the structure and make it look new.

2. Convert the Cellar

Transforming an existing cellar into a storage space or living space may boost the value of your property by more than 25%, provided the build cost per squire is not more than the price per square foot of that area.

As a matter of fact, converting the cellar is the least complex home improvement you can make as it qualifies as a change of use. But if you want to make structural changes to your home, you will have to speak to a good local planning officer.

3. Consider Adding a Sunroom

The sunroom is a bridge between the outdoors and your home. And it is part of an outdoor living trend these days, which includes upscale patios, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens.

Sunrooms are either heated or unheated and usually include features such as tile flooring, skylights, and cathedral ceilings.

In fact, it is less than half the price of adding standard rooms to a home. Even much better, a sunroom is attractive to homebuyers, particularly those in cold climates.

4. Have a Dedicate Home Office

Although most people hoped to have their lives back, working 9-to-5 in the workplace is not here again these days. Most companies opted to go to a hybrid model, requiring workers to report to work a few days a week.

So home offices are still helpful in 2022 and will continue to be so even in the coming years. But improving your home office is important to the value of the home. In order to achieve this, you may have art, an en-suite bath, and a bar, and offer a very sophisticated privacy and backdrop for video calls.

5. Use Paint to Refresh

Painting your home is capable of elevating the mood of home. Plus, it is affordable, especially if you handle the work alone.

If you have a budget for it, deal with the walls and let the experts handle the ceilings, as they are difficult going on the neck.

You can also get away with giving door frames, windows, doors, and skirting boards a good clean using sugar soap or natural alternatives, like washing soda.

The Takeaway!

Knowing perfect ways to increase the value of a home has been and will always be crucial. But never more so than this year as mortgage rates and home prices continue to increase following the global pandemic.

So ensure you steer clear from home improvements, which don’t add value, and concentrate on upgrade ideas, which can sell your property.

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