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Clinical Service Plans in India

In India, public hospitals are free for all citizens. This decentralized system is supported by public and private health insurance funds. The public hospital system is largely free of cost for all citizens, though you may be required to pay a small co-payment for some services. There are many cashless secondary and tertiary care facilities for the poor, and a voluntary insurance program is available for certain populations.

The health care system in India is relatively universal, but there are large variations between rural and urban areas. Poor states often suffer from physician shortages and fewer resources. The government works with the state governments to provide medical care and health education, while the central government takes care of administrative issues. The Indian healthcare system is complicated and paradoxical. Read on to discover the types of clinical service plans available in India. You’ll be happy you did!

The National Health Protection Scheme covers primary, secondary, and tertiary care, but not outpatient care. Other publicly-funded insurance plans cover all types of care, including pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization care. The National Health Protection Scheme, for example, is designed to help lower-income households cope with the costs of health care. The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation provides coverage for drugs and outpatient services. It also covers care at government-run hospitals and public health centers.

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