Collagen jelly helps nourish the skin.

Now having beautiful skin is not difficult! Just Chew Collagen Jelly It’s easy to have beautiful skin. And the same! This event is for anyone who is looking for a helper for beautiful skin that is both easy to eat and delicious. Today we have 5 collagen jelly to help nourish the skin, clear face, reduce acne scars for each other. Sachets for us to eat more easily But there are also ingredients that are packed with nutrients in the matter of skin care. Anyone who has a dark face problem, wants to reduce acne scars and have clear skin easily.

1. Eundan Pomegranate Collagen Jelly

This first collagen jelly is from Eundan, the best-selling vitamin C brand. from Korea Whoever likes their vitamin C must try this one as well. They are collagen jelly extracted from fish scales and contain Spanish pomegranate ingredients. filmefy He said that in 1 sachet is equivalent to the amount of Tam Tim up to 1.4 balls or 17,600 mg ever! The pomegranate is known as a fruit that has antioxidants. high in vitamin C Help your skin shine up, sure enough. This one will help to reduce dull skin well, reduce acne scars, say goodbye to dry skin and wrinkles.

Packing : 14 sachets / box

2. Ilyang Jelly Collagen Stick

This one is another collagen jelly from a Korean brand. The ingredients of this jelly are similar to the first one, they contain concentrated collagen (1000 mg), Spanish pomegranate extract which contains up to 93.2%, and aloe vera. and hyaluronic acid, which are all ingredients that help make the skin smoother, clearer, and more moisturized. Collagen ingredients produced from marine fish of this brand are small molecules. make it easy to absorb Help in the matter of clear skin as well. Helps to remove old skin cells Reduce dark spots, acne scars and also helps the face to be more hydrated Make-up sticks better as well. Importantly, this collagen jelly also has one more special ingredient, that is, rose extract. which This extract will help nourish the blood. Solve the issue of irregular menstruation as well. Let me tell you that it is most suitable for girls!

Packing : 10 sachets / box

3. Bloss Jeli Aura Booster

 This one is known as a Thai brand of collagen jelly that many People know each other well. which is packed with natural ingredients to focus on it, whether it is extracted from pomegranate peel The best antioxidant-rich Helps to brighten skin tone with Collagen Tripeptide, high quality collagen extracted from deep sea fish from Japan with the smallest molecular size. Therefore, 100% absorbing This one was very helpful anxnr

Packing : 5 sachets / box

4. Smooth E Collagen Jelly

  Smooth E brand is not only good for skincare! Items that can only be chewed to help you have beautiful skin, they have as well. The collagen jelly from Smooth E brand is delivered directly from Japan. As for the ingredients, it is collagen peptides from high quality marine fish from Japan. It is collagen extracted from the skin of marine fish. Which is considered a good collagen for our skin with it. It’s a jelly that smells good. And the refreshing sour taste from Muscat grapes is easy to eat and importantly helps to reduce wrinkles. And restore firmness and elasticity to the skin very well!

Packing : 7 sachets / box

5. Brand’s Jelly Strip

Speaking of Brand’s, who would have thought that collagen jelly was also sold! Brand’s collagen jelly has ingredients that are suitable for women.  thedocweb who want to have clear skin Absolutely no acne scars because they contain both niacinamide. that reduces inflammation of the skin Reduce acne scars and dark spots Contains collagen peptides from deep sea fish. Makes the skin clear and smooth. and also contains vitamin E. That helps to add to the matter of skin care. And antioxidants too!

Packing : 10 sachets / box

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