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Everything You Need to Know About Keyword Cannibalization

Making a detailed SEO plan while building a website requires effort, money, and time. After going through so much effort, you would want the keyboards to be able to avoid cannibalizing each other. Keyword cannibalization is a difficult concept for people to understand.

Keyword cannibalization is nothing but similar keywords found on two or more pages in your website, which can result in your promoting or advertising less relevant blogs on social media. It also means that your SEO plans need to be put in place.

How To Fix The Keyword Cannibalization Issues?

The best way to start with this is by redirecting an old, outdated page to something more relevant and combining multiple pages to something new. This will have a positive impact because the backlinks and the internal links can be transformed into one page rather than segregated into multiple pages, resulting in keyword cannibalization.

You can do a site audit and take the help of the link explorer tool and check with the advanced filter and then change the rule from “Is source internal” to “target URL” to get rid of all the old redirected URLs.

How Effective Is The Solution?

SEO can help you examine if the pages fulfill similar content, and even if they are slightly similar, they still should use different keywords; it can help estimate organic traffic. You can easily witness that one page’s traffic easily disappears in comparison to the other.

You can easily merge the two web pages with similar content or similar target keywords. There can be many instances where you see periodic rank swaps or keyword overlaps. But each page will be getting traffic from its bucket.

What Should You Never Do As A Solution To Keyword Cannibalization?

It is never recommended that you delete the page, no-index it, canonicalize it, or deoptimize it. The results can never be in your favor as this will only result in duplicity of the content.

This can affect the ranking of other keywords on your pages too. If the page has no value for your business, then deleting the page would be an easy solution.

However, it is always preferable to make necessary changes so that the ranking stays the same. You can fall back on a local SEO agency in Great Falls that can help you take the right step.

What Else Can You Do?

You can make your content stronger. Building on your content can give comprehensive coverage of the subject and salvage several page results by finding new keywords that support your niche. You can also come up with keywords that improve your standing.

Trust The Professionals!

Many local SEO agencies in Great Falls will help you set up the SEO plan. There are many ways to differentiate between the keywords of the different pages and help optimize several pages with similar keywords/structures.

It would be best if you had different keywords targeting the product on other pages relating to the content.


Google doesn’t get confused by multiple pages about similar things; however, it understands what’s on those pages and ranks them accordingly. The above topics you should know before considering keyword cannibalization on your own.

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