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Finding The Most Suitable Bra For Your Body Type

Finding the ideal bra for your body type can be quite challenging given the fact that there are thousands of various types of bras available. Wearing perfectly fitted lingerie is extremely important as it can affect your physical health. Hence, ill-fitting bras without good support can damage your back, neck, and shoulders.

Moreover, your lingerie also affects the way your garments fit your body. This can either make you feel confident about how you look or leave you feeling anxious and insecure. Therefore, you need to pick up the best bra that compliments your body shape, breast size, and personal choice.

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Illusions Lingerie in Melbourne, Australia offers you varieties of bras, briefs, loungewear, shapewear, and everyday basics to fit every body shape and style. Established in 1983, they operate as both in-store and online lingerie stores and are confident with their knowledge and experience of which type of bra will work best for you. They stock a huge range of quality products starting from sizes 8 to 28 and cups A to J. Visit their store to pick the best lingerie for every fit, style, shape, and occasion.

Learn about the top bra styles and types for every body shape to make the best purchase.

Balconette bra

They are also known as half-cup or demi-cup bras that reveal the upper part of the breasts. They are best for small and round breasts that can fit comfortably inside the short cups.


This has very little padding and works best for clothing that does not require much support. It is best for smaller busts.


This is more like a tube top and gives a natural appearance without providing much lift or support. They are best for small round breasts so try pairing them with a deep-neck tank top in a contrasting colour for better impact.

Maternity bra

These are nursing bras that have drop-down flaps for convenient feedings. Choose a gorgeous colour with delicate lace and a satin look to recall that life.

Padded bras

These come with the material in the cups that offer excellent coverage, can make your breasts appear bigger, and prevent your nipples from showing through the garments.

Hence, the smaller your breasts, the better a padded bra looks good. Non-padded bras are also available if your breast size is bigger and find that padded bras are accentuating them.

Strapless bras

These are probably the most popular choice for off-shoulder garments. They might not be comfortable if you have large breasts that need good support.

Sports bra

Sports bras are different from regular bras as they offer more comfort and support while playing a sport. They provide breast support that prevents the connective tissues from a permanent stretch.

They reduce friction and rubbing while sweating. So, wear it while walking exercising, or working out in a gym or kickboxing classes.

T-shirt bras

These are designed to wear every day as they give a seamless and invisible look even when worn under a fitted cotton t-shirt, clingy garments, and sheer clothing.

There is a wide range of bras to pick from and see which one feels perfect for you. You could follow Illusions Lingerie on Facebook to checkout some of the latest bras they offer. Accordingly, you could choose your style and size using the guides, and feel beautiful and confident from within.

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