How to rehome your piano

There are many reasons why you feel that you must rehome your piano, including that it doesn’t fit in with your current lifestyle, that it doesn’t get used anymore or that you are relocating and simply do not have the room for it in your new home for it. Undoubtedly, parting with it will be a sad time which can only be made better with the knowledge that it is going to a new home where it will be lived and played often.

#1 Donating versus selling

This is very much down to the time scale that you have for moving your piano on, and whether or not you are actually wanting money for it. If for instance you are wanting some kind of recompense and you are not bothered about how long, it takes for your piano to find a new home – then selling is definitely best.

However, if you are not bothered about the money and need your piano gone asap, then finding a charity or thrift store to take it is definitely more the option you should look at.

#2 Places to advertise

You could, if you wanted to, advertise in your local stores or even put notes through doors to see if any of your neighbors know of someone that may be interested in your piano, however, the best bet is to go online.

Using sites such as social media to locate possible interested parties is a particularly good start, but there are also sites such as Esty and eBay. In addition to this, you may be able to source a local piano business that would be happy to take your piano off your hands for you – but be prepared for them to ask for payment for this service, rather than you getting paid for supplying the piano to them.

#3 Moving your piano to its new home

When you have an interest in your piano, it is a good idea to make sure that the new potential owners are aware of the measurements as you do not want to have to take back possession of the piano due to it not fitting into its new home.

If you are lucky and manage to find your piano the perfect new home, you are going to have to offer some sort of way the new owners can get it to their location. Using sites that offer piano movers such as https://www.shiply.com/us/piano-movers is ideal as they will offer the expertise of shifting large musical instruments and still be able to keep them in the perfect condition while traveling on the road.

To conclude

Once you have decided to move your piano on to new pastures, you are going to have to put in the hard work of letting everyone know. This is not just friends, family, and neighbors but also those that you may not know on social media sites and selling sites such as eBay and Esty.

Although you will be sad to see your old piano leave you, it will be a happy occasion for its new owners, especially if they have been looking for a while for the perfect instrument to furnish their home.

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