Inspection of reinforced concrete structures

The main purpose of the reinforced concrete structure inspection is to assess the condition of the structure. Reinforced concrete considering the strength of the structure (Load Carrying Capacity), usability (Serviceability) and durability (Durability) of the structure. Therefore, the most important goals of structural inspection are to find the cause of damage or deterioration that has occurred and to assess the degree of structural damage in order to It is information for planning maintenance or proper maintenance of the structure. by inspecting the concrete structure by visual inspection and Verification by non-destructive testing is an essential initial step. in the assessment behavior of structures in different ways to provide the auditor with the necessary information for further analysis.

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– Inspection of reinforced concrete structures can be classified according to behavior or type of damage of reinforced concrete structures, namely:

(1) the stability of any part of the structure or the structure of the whole system;

(2) stiffness (Stiffness) of the structure

(3) Structural durability

(4) convolution or long-term deformation of the structure

(5) The ability to resist fire of structures or damage after a fire.

(6) Usability (Serviceability) of the structure

– The procedure for inspecting reinforced concrete structures is as follows:

(1) Gather information about structures such as structural designs, history of use, material data, location of structures, especially those affecting the behavior of structures within the purpose of the audit.

(2) surveying the condition of the structure by visual inspection Basic equipment may be used for the survey, such as a camera or a tape measure, to assist in collecting data.

(3) additional inspection with Drilling concrete test samples or collecting powder samples for Chemical composition testing or random partial testing of structures with non-destructive testing equipment.

(4) Assessment of the nature of the damage cause of damage and the degree of damage in Currently, based on data obtained from surveys and audits

(5) Planning for action to stop damage or deterioration of the structure or to repair the structure by an appropriate method.

(6) Keeping track of important structures To evaluate the results of repairs and to plan long-term maintenance of the structure.

– Damage assessment of reinforced concrete structures Must be operated by someone who has expertise in engineering. and reporting of inspection results and conclusions based on the nature of the damage may be more important than those required by the standards. Due to different deterioration structures will Need details of different checks especially the reinforced concrete structures that Has been damaged by harsh environment or damage caused by fire.

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