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Is Virtual Amusement the Solution For Horrible Client Care?

Are VR headsets a viable solution to terrible client care? One study looked at the consequences of virtual reality on mental health. The research group looked at how VR affects the mental health of people in the workplace. The participants were asked to name specific concerns they had if VR were to become a common part of their daily life. The researchers found that participants’ negative reactions to VR were not nearly as severe as previously suspected.

Some VR headsets allow people to experience powerful emotions while in the virtual world. This type of technology elicits powerful emotions as they must navigate moral dilemmas and confront frightening stimuli. This type of experience is highly realistic and may lead to a profound emotional response in the user. However, these simulations can also make patients feel less anxious and depressed than in reality. So, while virtual amusement may not be the solution to horrendous client care, it may prove to be a viable solution in reducing client suffering.

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