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HealthTap is a telemedicine app that connects people to doctors who answer their medical queries free of charge. The service aims to save patients unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office.

This app utilizes artificial intelligence and a network of qualified doctors to classify and prioritize queries. Users have the choice to purchase either an annual subscription or pay per-visit.

1. Ask a doctor a question

HealthTap provides free medical answers from Online doctor and is one of the most popular telehealth services. In addition to live consultations, it has a database of questions answered by professionals as well as an AI-based symptom checker.

This app, available on both iPhone and Android devices, allows users to receive live video appointments with their doctor of choice at any time. Furthermore, there’s a free question submission service which enables patients to post anonymous queries that doctors will answer within 24 hours at no charge.

To utilize the service, members must fill out an appointment request form describing their symptoms and why they are seeking a virtual consultation. They are then linked to an appointment almost instantly; however, in some cases there may be a wait period in place.

2. Schedule an appointment

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual primary care provider. Its doctors offer long-term, personalized attention, allowing everyone to afford quality healthcare at an affordable cost.

In these times of increasing medical urgency, many are turning to telemedicine for guidance on conditions and illnesses they may not be able to reach a doctor for. Apps such as HealthTap help connect users with board-certified doctors via video conferences and online question forums.

At an affordably priced $44 per consult, HealthTap Concierge provides access to top doctors from 105 medical specialties via video or secure text chat. This includes many specialists in cardiology.

3. Get a second opinion

Receiving a second opinion can provide you with more knowledge about your health condition and treatment options. It also gives you the assurance that you’ve done enough research to make informed decisions for yourself and your family’s best interests.

Doctors often have different views about patients’ health conditions and treatment plans, which is entirely normal. Some prefer a more conservative approach while others may suggest more aggressive measures.

You should seek a second opinion from an experienced specialist regarding your medical condition. You can ask your primary care doctor for a referral or search the database of specialty doctors online.

Before your appointment with the new doctor, collect any biopsy or surgery reports, hospital discharge records and relevant imaging tests you have. Send these documents to them ahead of time so they can review them prior to your consultation.

It is essential to seek a second opinion as soon as possible, particularly if you’re thinking about surgery. While this can be an uncomfortable and stressful process, the effort put into getting more information about your treatment options will be worthwhile in the end.

4. Schedule a follow-up appointment

If you feel as though your doctor’s diagnosis is unclear or doesn’t make sense, making a follow-up appointment can provide valuable information. This is especially true if the additional testing was ordered during your initial visit.

Make the most out of your appointment by creating a list of any questions you have in advance. Doing this will allow you to focus on what’s most important for you during the follow-up visit.

Additionally, you should make a list of any medications and supplements you take so your doctor has all of the pertinent details before they begin treating you.

HealthTap is a web and mobile app that provides almost instant access to doctors’ expertise for one flat consultation fee. Members have the option of paying out-of-pocket for individual visits or subscribing to the Prime plan, which includes unlimited consultations at a discounted rate.

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