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Nose augmentation with alar cutting

Most of the time, alar removal is an operation that can be performed in conjunction with the correction of various nose structures or rhinoplasty, such as silicone rhinoplasty, humping (the raised bone around the bridge of the nose). , stretching the nasal septum (to lengthen the length of the tip of the nose), including tissue augmentation or the patient’s own cartilage, such as ear cartilage, rib cartilage, etc., or in the case of a nose bridge or a beautiful nose shape But there is a problem with only the wings of the nose, you can choose to “cut off the wings” only. For the nose to have a beautiful shape with dimensions and a slender nose wing.

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1. How to check “wide nose wings”

When measuring from the eye on both sides, draw a vertical line straight to the meat area on the side of the nose and find that The flesh on the side of the nose is very far from the line that is drawn from the inner corner of the eye.

2. Nose augmentation procedure

  1. In the alar surgery The surgeon will prescribe a short-acting sleeping pill. So that the patients who receive treatment relieve anxiety and do not feel pain while injecting the anesthetic. The surgeon then injects local anesthesia into the wing of the nose. Once the anesthesia works, surgery will be performed.
  2. The surgeon will cut off the excess tissue on the wing of the nose. and adjust the base of the nose wings and set the width of the new nostrils In the case that the wings of the nose are not very thick The surgeon may sew inside without cutting the wings of the nose. You can also cut the side nostrils to reduce the width of the base of the nose.
  3. When finished, the wound will be sutured. by hiding the scar on the edge of the wing of the nose After the surgery, the surgeon should rest for about 1 hour until the sleeping pills wear off. Only then will they be allowed to go home.

3.Preparation before rhinoplasty

– Should refrain from taking aspirin or ibuprofen that affect bruises and swelling from the blood after surgery.

– Should refrain from taking dietary supplements, cod liver oil or vitamins. affecting the flow of blood (blood stops slowly) after surgery

– Abstain from food and water 6 hours before the surgery.

4.Taking care of yourself after rhinoplasty

– During the first 24 – 48 hours, apply a cold compress. You may use a gel pad or a cloth dampened with cold water to compress. After that, if there are bruises, continue using warm water. including lying with your head elevated to reduce swelling

– Use mild soap to wash your face on the first day but need to be gentle. Clean the wound area with clean water using Cotton Bud dipped in water and clean the surrounding area.

– In the case of rhinoplasty with rib cartilage It takes about 1 week to recuperate, can do light work and avoid heavy work such as lifting heavy objects for about 1 month.

The thing that people who have rhinoplasty must be careful of when the nose is not in place well is to be hit because the material used for augmentation such as silicone rods or cartilage has not yet been wrapped tightly enough to absorb a strong impact. It takes about 4-6 weeks or more to start receiving shock. To be sure, it takes about 3 months or more to be able to live a normal life. Can touch and touch the nose

Rhinoplasty…surgery that never goes out of fashion For people in Asia, including Thailand, who often have problems with flat or no braces, rhinoplasty is a tool that helps the face look more beautiful. boost confidence Increase job opportunities and help to enhance physiognomy Currently, there is a technique in surgery that will help you get a beautiful nose that is not difficult, so where should you get your nose done? You’ll have to take a closer look at each other. Starting with detailed information Choose to do it with a skilled surgeon. Hospitals are also an important part. Must choose a reliable standard for beauty and confidence in both short-term and long-term safety.

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