Top Tips for Planning a Family Holiday

Summer is now only a matter of weeks away and it is the time of year when plans start to be made for family holidays. Adults will be seeking to get some well-earned relaxation away from their busy careers and will want to ensure that their children have suitable fun activities to keep them occupied during the trip.

There are a wide range of considerations when planning a family holiday. Today, with rising inflation levels and an emerging cost of living crisis in the Western world, budget concerns will be a vital consideration for many families. Put simply, it is important to ensure that any holiday is affordable for the family budget whilst still offering a perfect experience for both parents and children.

This article outlines three top tips that will help you to prepare for your family holiday and have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Bring drinks and snacks for the flight

Any person who has traveled by air in the last few years will be fully aware of the fact that the costs of food and drinks on a plane can be extremely expensive. Even a can of fizzy drink or a cup of tea can cost several dollars, making it exorbitantly costly for families who are on a tight budget.

It can be far better to take a wide range of snacks and drinks with you to the airport and consume these during the flight. Airline food is not renowned for being particularly healthy or tasty, so it can be a smart consideration to pack some tasty and healthy snacks that all the family will enjoy. Click here for some examples of snacks and drinks to pack for consumption during a flight that will keep the family free of hunger and well hydrated.

Plan your packing

All airlines will operate a strict policy when it comes to the maximum luggage allowance that can be taken onto a plane. For budget airlines, this tends to be around 20kg per traveler (stored in the aircraft hold) with a small allowance for in-flight luggage.

If you are significantly over the luggage allowance level, you may need to pay an additional surcharge or even take out some of your belongings which will have to be left behind. This can cause extra stress and problems during the trip, so it is far better to use a luggage-weighing device before you travel to the airport to ensure that your suitcases are within the stated weight limits.

Advice for parents

Whilst family holidays are the perfect time for children to have fun in the sun, it is also the ideal opportunity for parents to enjoy romantic times together. Having a romantic meal as a couple can be superb if the resort provides kids’ clubs where the children can always be supervised. In addition, many parents find that holidays are an ideal situation where romance can blossom, and intimate times can take place. However, for women, going on holiday during their period can ruin any thoughts of intimate evenings and can stop romance from happening. Thankfully, period delay tablets are widely available from sites such as As the name suggests, these work by postponing a woman’s period during the course of the medication and allowing intimate times to be enjoyed by parents on holiday.

Consider these top tips next time you are planning a holiday to ensure a memorable time away for the whole family.

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