What Do You Need for a Student Movie?

If you are a student who is currently planning to film a movie, there are a few important pieces of equipment that you will need to make it a success and to ensure that the finished product matches your vision for the project. Then, read on to find out what you need for your next student movie and to make sure that you have everything in order for your first day of filming.

·  A Camera

Whether you enjoy film as a hobby or want to go professional in the future, you will need a camera if you want to pursue film in any manner. Although it is possible to shoot your movie on your mobile phone, especially if you have a smartphone, and some directors even do this to achieve the desired effect, cameras give you better control over the settings and will allow you to produce a more polished video. You should look around for movie cameras that fit your budget and that are compatible with accessories such as tripods, which you may need to stabilize the camera in question. This will ensure that you can create the movie you are aiming for without any giant issues.

·  Makeup

The makeup you use on your movie actors differs from the makeup you would use in everyday life. Investing in movie makeup is important so your actors look good on camera. This type of makeup will also allow you to achieve desired effects. It can be particularly important in sci-fi and horror movies. For instance, you may need to create a realistic-looking zombie or monster. You cannot do this without investing in high-quality makeup. If you are planning to produce this kind of movie, you should look at purchasing FX special effects makeup that will allow you to get any effect that you like. However, you will need a certain level of makeup artistry skill to create the special effects you have in mind.

·  Lighting

You will also need lighting for your student movie. You do not have to spend a lot on this lighting, though. There are many budget softbox and compact lighting kits, as well as LED lights and reflectors, that can ensure that your actors will not be standing in darkness and that you can create the lighting effects that you need without spending out a lot of money. Once you start playing with these, you will realize just how important the lighting is to your venture.

·  Microphones

Microphones are also important for a student movie as they will allow your actors to be heard. Although you might simply be planning to film on a video camera, microphones can allow you to have more control over audio levels. They can ensure that you can cut out background noise. Microphones are especially important if you are going to be filming in busy places or outside, where it can be harder to catch what the actors are saying. By purchasing a few microphones, you will be ensuring that your equipment does not let your movie down biographypark.

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