What is 1/2 handicap?  Share How to Catch a Master Standard

Although handicaps appear very often on the scoreboard, not all brothers understand clearly What is 1/2 handicap? and how to bet effectively. If you want to know more about this type of bet, follow the article below of the house 789BET.

 What is 1/2 handicap? 

Surely you are no stranger to the house 789BET, one of the leading addresses for prestigious sports betting in Vietnam. This is a place that attracts the attention of many bettors and is especially popular with the 1/2 handicap.

What is 1/2 handicap? 

SoWhat is a 1/2 handicap?? This is a very popular type of handicap and is known by different names such as half-left handicap or 0.5 handicap. This bet is usually applied when two teams are in equal form. However, the home team is often rated higher than the away team.

To ensure fairness, the house will prioritize the home team as the top door and accept the away team 0.5 left. This means that the home team needs to win by 1 goal or more to be considered a win. If the match ends in a draw or loss, then bets on the 1/2 handicap will be considered lost.

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How to bet in 1/2 handicap?

When participating in 1/2 handicap betting, you will have 2 options:

  • Top door – home team: You win money in case the top door wins by at least 1 goal.
  • Lower Door – Away Doubles: You win money in case the away team wins or the two teams have an equal score.

For example: Arsenal – MU will play against each other, in which MU will accept Arsenal 0.5 left. The odds of winning on the upper hand is 0.80 and the lower hand is 1.06. So how to bet? What is 1/2 handicap? in this case.

  • In the case of handicap betting 1/2 100K on the upper hand and the upper hand wins. Bonus amount received = 100K x 0.8 = 80K profit. If Arsenal win or the score draws, you will lose 100K of your bet.
  • If bet 100K on the underdog and underdog win or draw. The amount you received = 100K x 1.06 = 106K profit.

How to bet in 1/2 handicap?

Share how to catch 1/2 handicap extremely accurately

Football betting seems to be no longer difficult for players. And to increase efficiency when playing 1/2 handicap betting, please note the following important information:


Analysis of two teams when betting on handicap 1/2 What does that mean?

One of the common mistakes that brothers often make is ignoring information related to the team. This can lead to bad decisions and lost chances of winning. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the pine news below:

  • Playing line-up: Mastering information about the starting line-up helps you assess the strength and ability of the team. The absences of key players can significantly affect team performance.
  • Player List: Tracking the list of players to help you know the starting lineup and tactical adjustments of the coach.
  • Results of the last 5 matches: Review the recent performance of the two teams to get an overview of the current form.
  • Last Match Performance: The results and performance of the last match can affect a player’s morale and confidence in the next match.
  • Keep track of previous head-to-head matches: Find out the results and performance of these two teams in previous head-to-head matches to help you predict what’s going to be and how to play in the upcoming match.

What is the analysis of two teams when betting on handicap 1/2?

Choose a time to bet What is 1/2 handicap? 

Choosing the time to bet before or during the match is an important factor when playing handicap. Longtime bettors share that, to ensure a good opportunity, you should not rush to bet early. Instead, watch the first 15-20 minutes of the match to get a more accurate view of the teams’ performance and play.

The decision to participate in 1/2 handicap betting should be based on complete knowledge and information about the match. Don’t bet just because there are other bettors playing. This is a valuable experience from the masters, following the crowd often does not bring good results and can cause heavy losses.

Surely come here, you understand What is 1/2 handicap? mToreceived so much attention. This type of bet has a high win rate of up to 50%. However, applying the shares from the 789BET bookie in the article will help you have a much higher chance of winning. Wish all successful bettors apply and good luck closing good bets every day.

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