What’s the Bol Behen Chatbot?

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if women and girls had a safe space and platform to discuss all their questions on personal health and wellbeing? No more taboos or myths will be peddled, women will become more empowered to take their health into their own hands, and they will have access to the right information. Well, non-profit Girl Effect has given us the solution! In collaboration with WhatsApp, Girl Effect has launched Bol Behen, a chatbot that answers all queries and doubts regarding women’s health and wellbeing. The Bol Behan chatbot is an interactive tool that chats with the enquirer and answers them as accurately as possible.

Details about Bol Behen

The Bol Behan chatbot is an artificial intelligence tool meant to talk to the enquirer and answer their questions. The bot can answer questions on women’s reproductive health, ovulation process, sexuality, love, general wellness and well-being. sexuality, love, general wellness and well-being. It can also answer in English and Hindi, making it accessible to a wider audience as it eliminates the language barrier. The chatbot is a safe space and keeps all discussions private and secure. Bol Behan is a Hindi phrase that translates to Ask Sister or Speak Sister; this aligns with the tool’s idea of having the answers presented by a “digital elder sister” who’s been there and done that and is now available to answer your queries without shaming or embarrassing you. Girls must learn to take control of their health and prioritise it from a young age. The shame, taboos and myths that tag along with women’s health, sexuality and reproductive health may often deter girls and young women from taking charge of their health. However, with Bol Behan, they will find the platform to learn factual and scientific information.

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Bol Behen can be accessed in two ways. You can send a ‘Hi’ text to +91-730449661 on WhatsApp or visit this link for an invite. This chatbot is open to all women but primarily targets girls and young women who live in regions where their access may be limited to only basic digital infrastructure, basic smartphones and slow internet connectivity.

This is Girl Effect’s second association with a Meta-owned company. It was first launched on Facebook Messenger in 2020, where it reached several women and girls. With WhatsApp’s even wider availability, there’s hope that the Bol Behan chatbot will be an elder digital sister to all young girls and women who need it.

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