Why Wearing A Seat Belt Is Necessary?

How do I buy motor insurance? It can be one of the most common questions in a new car owner’s mind. If you have brought home new wheels and share concerns about the ease of purchasing vehicle insurance, then we have got you covered. Quickly search online to find various vehicle insurers in South Africa. After that, check the different levels of cover on offer, then request and compare quotes conveniently through car insurance services.

Assess your vehicle usage, needs, and affordability plus the insurance provider’s products and services before signing up for a policy. You can call the insurer to seek clarification on a policy’s coverage whenever you have concerns. Also, you can read the policy disclosure statements (PDSs) to find answers on policy inclusions, exclusions, renewal, cancellation, benefit limit, and more. Even when the PDSs can help you understand the terms and conditions of an active vehicle insurance policy, still, you may need assistance before the policy purchase.

During any type of crash, there’s always a considerable amount of kinetic energy of the car transferred to the occupants and other loose items in the car. If un- belted, occupants fly into the windshield and out of the car. Imagine the car rolling over and the people inside are un-belted. Trust me, that’s the last way we want to die.

Airbags and seat-belts are designed to work together to reduce the severity of a crash. Few extra thousand dollars for a premium car with certified and expensive safety systems may literally be of no use if seat belts are not harnessed properly.

Head is the most important part of the human body. Save it, save yourself. Penalty is the least of your worries. But yeah, why break the rules which are meant to be for your safety.

Yes, the belts save lives. Everyone knows this, by now. But they actually do this in two ways:

  1. The restraining feature prevents or reduces injury arising from impact. That’s the part everyone knows
  2. But the belts also make you a better driver, which many people don’t know. Seat belts help to restrain the body and allow maneuvering with less effort, especially on bad roads. You don’t need to make muscle adjustments to stay in place; you can focus on driving.

Seatbelts are meant to hold a driver in a seat, to reduce injury, yes. A three-point harness, like the conventional seatbelts in cars today, can hold someone more-or-less in place in a wreck.

  • A four-, five-, or six-point harness does that and more: it can hold the driver in place to reduce injury and help them maintain control of the vehicle.
  • In an impact, a body moves forward very quickly, but also tends to twist because of the diagonal strap across the body.
  • A harness instead holds the shoulders level, so the body doesn’t twist. This allows a little more edge on controlling the event.
  • A five-point harness has a lower belt that will make everyone who reads this probably wince, but it’s called an “anti-submarining” belt. In a head-on crash, a body frequently tries to slide under a seatbelt and the person winds up, there is no other way to put this, stuffed into the footwell. That is very bad. The anti-submarining belt trades off a smashing blow to your crotch in exchange for probably saving your feet, knees, legs and maybe spine from splintering when forcibly folded up.
  • A six-point harness is a little more comfortable and tends to catch a body in motion at the sides of the sensitive bits, nearer the hips. There isn’t as much “binding” with one. Personally, a carbon-fiber cup when you race, so a five-point doesn’t bother me like it does some people.
  • Right now, a common vehicle’s 3-point seatbelt harness is a compromise. It holds you in place to take you to where the crash ends. A well-fitted driver’s harness can keep you in place to avoid a worse crash because even though the wind’s knocked out of you for a moment, you’ll find your hands may still be on the wheel and your feet still at the pedals.

Buying motor insurance is essential, you have a plethora of options in the market to choose from. While requesting a quote, insurers may ask you questions about pre-existing damage (like damage due to hail or extreme weather events or accidents). An insurer may decide whether or not to cover your vehicle depending on the level of damage. If they agree, you may have to provide evidence by uploading images on the suggested car inspection website or get your damaged vehicle examined at a specified vehicle inspection station.

Vehicle insurers can be your best sources of policy-related information. You can easily access the policy disclosure statements on an insurer’s website for intricate policy details. Researching, purchasing, and managing car insurance are mostly hassle-free with car insurance online services in the current times. Also, most insurers offer special discounts for buying a policy online. So, why wait? Explore your car insurance options now!

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