Will Artificial Intelligence Be a Game Changer?

AI systems are able to learn from huge datasets of varying kinds. Currently, AI systems can read and recognize Chinese characters, but they are often limited by the tasks they’re given. A human who understands Chinese speech and culture can be fooled into thinking the AI system can understand them as well. That is why artificial intelligence is an important step towards human-level intelligence, but it will require decades of research before it is ready to take the world by storm.

The application of AI is transforming the way people work and interact. AI models can understand customers’ needs and market situations. They can also handle back-end duties without human input, allowing organizations to gain revenue more effectively. AI has also improved cybersecurity, helping protect confidential data from malicious hackers and ransomware. For these reasons, AI has the potential to be a major game changer for our society. However, the technology isn’t without risks and concerns.

AI can be a major asset in manufacturing. Manufacturing is capital intensive and replacement of plants can be costly. AI allows businesses to monitor results at each step in the process and take corrective actions before the damage is done. With these benefits, AI can streamline the digital life of a person. Companies like IKEA, FedEx, and Vodafone use AI to improve customer service. They have begun to see AI as the next big thing.

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